Low Profile Taper

How low can you go?

EdgeTec’s Low Profile Taper has a minimum box height of 0.25 inches – that’s pretty dang low.

EdgeTec Low Profile Taper

The Low Profile Taper

The EdgeTec Low Profile Taper is an inline taper designed for taping very low and or very wide one-piece folder boxes.

The machine is available in three sizes and covers a wide range of box dimensions. The Low Profile Taper seals the box’s center seam with C-clips on both ends. Additional tape heads can be added to the machine to apply leading and trailing C-clips or L-clips of tape to edge seams. Clip placement is adjustable based on box size and customer needs.

The machine can run virtually all pressure sensitive packaging tape styles and rolls. Accurate and secure tape application means no tape waste! Additionally, a bypass mode keeps production lines moving when tape isn’t needed.

Low Profile Taper Video Demos

Low Profile Taper Taping Configurations

In general, when boxes are under 2.5″ in height, a C-Clip of tape is applied.
When boxes are over 2.5″ in height, a L-Clip of tape is applied.
Some modifications can be made depending on box type and application.

EdgeTec Low Profile Taper Key Features

Designed to tape boxes as low as 0.25 inches*.
Accommodates boxes as wide as 54 inches.
Machines can run virtually all pressure-sensitive packaging tape styles, widths, and rolls.
An adjustment rail allows for easy side-to-side tape head adjustment and a hand crank easily accomodates a range of box heights.
Every machine is optimized in collaboration with the customer.

*Taping on a 0.25 inch box is available for limited box types, contact us to see if a Low Profile taper will work for your box.

EdgeTec Low Profile Taper Machine Specifications

Low Profile: Machine Specifications

Machine TypeCenter seam seal and L-clip / C-clip tape application
Machine MakeupFramework: Industrial strength 12-gauge steel, painted for durability
High-grade industrial components
Working Speed66 ft/min belt speed (Working speed is based on the box size and seal type.)
Machine Dimensions
Small Box Machine: 36" x 32.25" x 42”

Medium Box Machine: 50.5” x 53.5” 50”

Large Box Machine: 66” x 68” x 77”
Machine WeightSmall: 355 lbs
Medium: 490 lbs
Large: 1050 lbs
Tape Sizes3” tape in machine length rolls
Tape StylesFilament, BOPP, Fl at Back, PVC
Tape Leg LengthStandard machine applies 2.5" on the vertical box wall and 2.5" on the horizontal box wal l c onsistently, within 0.063".
Tape Heads2” Tape: 6.375 inc hes minimum distance between heads
3” Tape: 6.875 inc hes minimum distance between heads
Electrical Requirements110 VAC, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase
220VAC 50/60Hz, 1 Phase Power

Low Profile: Box Specifications

Minimum Box SizeMaximum Box Size
Small Box Machine4.5" x 4" x 1"∞ x 19.7" x 19.7"
Medium Box Machine6" x 5.7" x 3.35"∞ x 35.4" x 19.7"
Large Box Machine12" x 10" x 0.25"*

*Taping on a 0.25" box is available for limited box types,
contact us to see if a Low Profile taper will
work for your box.
∞ x 54" x 10"

Low Profile: Additional Features

Infeed/Outfeed TraysRollers are extended to assist in the loading and unloading of the machine.
All-ElectricThe same high-quality taping machine, no compressed air needed.
Inline Air FilterFor situations where clean compressed air is not always available.
Low Tape SensorA sensor monitors tape level and will warn with an indicator light and horn when it’s time to change tape.
Hand Crank CounterNumerical dials are added to the cranks to ensure exact positioning of crank adjustments.
2” Tape HeadsMachine adjusted to run 2" tape in machine length rolls.

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