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EdgeTec proudly designs

Industry Leading L-Clip and C-Clip Taping Machines

EdgeTec machines are on the cutting edge of the packaging automation. Our customizable machines are capable almost unlimited combinations and placements of l-clips and c-clips on leading and trailing box edges. Our machines are built to run your preferred tape and can be configured to run a variety of tape widths, down to 0.5 inches.

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We are committed bringing innovative, efficient and durable automation machines to businesses of all sizes.

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If your machine has a belt, we can get you a replacement. We carry lightweight belting from all major brands and vendors. 

Best-Selling EdgeTec Automation Machines

The EdgeTec Tabber

The EdgeTec Tabber is a wafer-sealing machine available as a box or envelope sealer. Simply press or insert the item into the machine’s application area with the tabs of your choice and the machine applies the self-adhesive tab to the product’s edge.

The Roll-Up

The EdgeTec Roll-Up is a variable speed material rolling machine with shafts individually designed for each clients’ materials. The EdgeTec Roll-Up is available in two models, a smaller tabletop model, the Roll-Up Lite, and a larger freestanding unit, the Roll-Up Pro.

The L-Clip Series

The EdgeTec L-clip series are semi-automated case sealers designed to seal non-RSC style boxes such as five-panel folds, full overlap, telescoping, tuck fold, and custom boxes.

The Low Profile Taper

The EdgeTec low-profile taper is an inline taper designed for taping one-piece folder boxes that are 4 inches in height or less with a maximum box width of 56 inches.

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We carry parts for EdgeTec machines along with parts for many major packaging machine brands. 

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