EdgeTec Services

Automation is just the beginning. We are a Minnesota-based company dedicated to providing our customers with cost-effective processes for their packaging and manufacturing workflows. Contact us today to collaborate on your next custom automation project to improve your end-of-line workflow!

Case Erectors and Sealers

Let our small footprint L-clip case sealing machines improve your end-of-line workflow.

Specialized Machine Modification

A leader in L-clip case sealing machines, EdgeTec knows that the right adjustments on a standard machine can take production efficiency to the next level.

Case Sealers and Erectors

Let our small footprint taping machines improve your end-of-line workflow.

Custom Automation

From custom tapers to end-of-line automation, we look forward to working with you to solve your packaging challenges.

Packaging Equipment Parts

We provide MRO supplies for major OEM brands.

Machine Shop

Our shop is fully equipped to create custom solutions for your latest project.

Our Team

Since 2004, EdgeTec has been a company built on quality, innovation, & customization.