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EdgeTec Automation works with major brands to get our customers the best prices on lightweight, wire, and heavyweight belting. We carry all types of belting including: conveyor belts, timing belts, tabletop chain, plastic modular belts, and conveyor accessories.

There are too many belt styles and varieties for us to list on the website. If you fill out the form below, we’d be happy to quickly send you a quote for the belt you’re looking for!

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“EdgeTec Automation is a great company to order parts from. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with.” 

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Types of Belting & Industries/Applications

Light Weight Belting


Whether you’re conveying apples, corn, or grain, agricultural belting has to check many boxes. We’ve got low maintenance belts with the durable qualities you need.

Food Production

Bakeries, packaged products like meat and dairy, fruit, vegetables and more — we offer FDA/USDA compliant belts that will keep your production lines moving.

Incline Conveyor Belts

Integrally molded, cleated incline belts designed to convey materials and packages up steep inclines.

Processing Belts

Feeder belts, tube winders, folder gluers, and more! The processing belts we have in stock have rubber covers providing aggressive grabbing power for highly accurate product positioning and processing,

Timing Belts

Timing belts are widely used across many industries from automative to material handling. We work with all types of belts including rubber and polyurethane synchronous timing belts that are welded, mechanical and open-ended and belts come with or without special coverings.  


This belting takes a beating coming in contact with sharp glass, aluminum, and plastic. Recycling conveyor belts are available in a single ply interwoven carcass, and a multi-plied poly nylon carcass to withstand it all.

Machine Tapes

Multipurpose belting to convey, speed up, slow down, position, or fold paper material.

Flat Power Transmission Belting

Made with either NBR rubber or leather, all of our rugged and durable belts include a high strength nylon tension member for maximum power transmission drive efficiency and service life.

Pulp & Paper

Conveyors and more to move pulp and roll large rolls of paper.

Wood Products

Torn or gouged belting can take your wood milling operation down. We source durable belting to keep your operations running.

Die Cutting

Gut, torn or gouged belting can take your wood milling operation down. We work to get you the best durable belting to keep you up and running.

Wire Belting

Baking & Cooling

Wire belting is widely used in the food production industry for baking and cooling applications. Baking belts can withstand temperatures up to 600F and cooling belts work faster with enhanced airflow while also minimizing sticking. These belts are great for tortillas, breads, cookies and crackers and can be customized to fit your needs.

Frying, Breading & Battering

The frying industry utilizes specialized wire belting. Breading and battering belting has large openings to reduce batter waste. Frying belting can include filters that catch particles and keep oil cleaner. Belting made with slug-less rivets means no damage to fryers. These belts are made from stainless steel and come in many sizes, styles and specifications to accomodate any line

Heat Treating & Furnace Curtains

Heat treating belting is often used when hardening metal parts. This belting can withstand temperatures up to 2300F. This belting can be made in almost any size or wire diameter.

Furnace curtrains are made of high strength corrosion resistant steel. These curtains can withstand temperatures up to 2300F and are often used in steel mills, aluminum extrusion, or other manufacturing.

Heavy Weight Belting

Package Handling

Thermoplastic or rubber belting? Covering one side or both? No matter your application, we’ve got it. We stock a wide variety of package handling conveyor belts.

Road Construction

From cleated incline discharge belts used on asphalt cold planers to heavy duty sand & gravel belts used to make concrete and asphalt we’re here to help.

Sand & Gravel

Heavy duty conveyor belts designed to convey some of the roughest aggregate materials such as dirt, cement, gravel, sand and wood chips.

Brand Partners

We work with brands to get you the best prices on belting. We have relationships with BEHAbelt, BestPack, Flexco, Habasit, Intralox, Volta Belting and more.

EdgeTec Automation is a great company to order parts from. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with.

Curt, Legacy Pharm Pkg  

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