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EdgeTec Automation designs custom machines to improve our clients’ production capabilities. Read about our recent projects and then get in touch with our team to find out how we can improve your production line workflow.

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Creating order from chaos.

Implementing a new packaging process at a meat packing facility.

Pre, a distributor of high-quality, pasture-raised beef, was looking to create a more streamlined process for their meat packaging line.

Pre was looking to improve their line’s overall efficiency and eliminate the use of double-sided tape. Removing the film from tape was a pinch point, chaotic, and created waste around their production line. They also needed a machine built to withstand a wash-down environment and run at the near-freezing temperatures of a meat packaging plant.

Our machine design utilizes a three-conveyor system, drastically improving product flow down the line. An integrated glue application system reduces cost, eliminates waste, and increases line efficiency. The machine can also run at multiple speeds allowing newer operators to learn the technique before ramping up to full speed. The food-grade stainless steel design allows for easy and thorough cleaning.

Since being installed, this custom machine has doubled Pre’s production rate while reducing labor costs. Contact EdgeTec today to start a conversation about what custom automation can do for you.

Designing solutions for new-to-market materials.

How do you quickly re-wind a material that expands and deploys with just a gentle pull? Pack winding.

Our customer needed a re-winding solution for a new alternative to plastic cushion wrap. The innovative wrap expands to 60 times its original volume and only requires a few ounces of force to deploy.

The customer needed a machine that could allow an operator to quickly convert jumbo rolls into smaller lengths, maintaining a tight roll and preventing the material from prematurely deploying. Our machine’s design maintains consistent pressure and low torque on the material throughout the winding process, keeping the material flat and compressed. The machine feeds and rolls a preset length with 1/2”, -0” on tolerance. Contact EdgeTec today to start a conversation about what custom automation can do for you.

Getting distribution on a roll.

Unroll, cut and re-roll without leaving a a trace.

Our customer needed a solution to convert jumbo 750-foot rolls of sheet material into custom shorter rolled lengths for distribution.

The final rolled lengths of material could not be creased, scratched, scuffed, or discolored. Our design effortlessly and accurately delivers cut and rolled lengths of material with a tolerance of +/- 1/32”. The machine quickly converts a 750-foot roll into 375 rolled lengths in under 50 minutes. At any point, an operator can easily change the material feed length on the machine’s interface.

The machine features photoelectric sensors to automatically feed the next length once a completed roll is removed. Our uniquely designed shaft (also featured on our Roll-Up Machine) rolls without damaging or creasing the final rolled length. This machine’s shaft rolls an inner diameter of 1.18”.

Contact EdgeTec today to start a conversation about what custom automation can do for you.

Supporting production scale-up.

ButcherBox delivers frozen, high-quality meat and seafood right to their customers’ doors. In their mission to minimize their environmental impact, they developed a unique insulated sleeve for their boxes made from 100 percent recycled materials. (Double thumbs up!) However, they ran into problems scaling up the production of the insulation sleeve for placement in the box.

Working closely with the customer, we designed a custom machine that can run multiple lengths and thicknesses of insulation – think insulation for summer vs. winter temps – adhering it to the cardboard and quickly folding it together.

A secondary custom L-Clip Taper allows an operator to finish the job, taping the insulated cardboard into its sleeve shape with a simple press. It’s ready for the shipping box! Adding these machines has allowed the customer to increase production while reducing labor costs.

Contact EdgeTec today to start a conversation about what custom automation can do for you.