Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy

These products and items are eligible for return as long as they are in new, unopened condition:

  • Most replacement parts
  • L-Clip 200
  • Roll-Up Standard
  • Roll-Up (Lite)
  • Film Feeder

All products and accessories not specifically listed above are NOT eligible for return. The customer is responsible for shipping. If you have any questions about your item’s eligibility for return, please email

Restocking Fees

There is a minimum restock charge of $600 per return. Replacement parts start at the 10% restocking fee and are not required to meet the $600 minimum.

Restocking Fee
10% restocking feeReturn requested between 1 to 45 days from invoice date
50% restocking feeReturn requested between 46 to 75 days from invoice date
75% restocking feeReturn requested between 76 to 90 days from invoice date
100% restocking feeReturn requested after 90 days from invoice date

Returns need to be completed within 10 business days after RMA is issued. EdgeTec Automation reserves the right to limit quantities on products eligible for return.

Please email us if you have questions about your purchase or a return at