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EdgeTec L-Clip

The EdgeTec L-Clip Series

L-Clip 100, L-Clip 200, L-Clip 300

The EdgeTec L-Clip series are semi-automated case sealers designed to seal non-RSC style boxes such as five-panel folders, full overlap, telescoping, tuck fold, roll end tuck top, and custom boxes.

All L-Clip series machines are a bump-style operation. An operator pressing a box against the switch plate actuates the tape head mechanism automatically applying an “L” clip of tape to the edge of the box.

EdgeTec L-Clip machines can run a variety of tape styles, widths, and rolls. Intuitive to use and fast to operate, EdgeTec L-Clips allows operators to quickly make consistent, secure corner closures with little to no tape waste.

L-Clip 100

The L-Clip 100 is designed to run tape widths less than 2 inches.

The machine can be configured to run single, dual or triple tape heads.

L-Clip 200

The L-Clip 200 is designed to run a 2 inch tape width.

The machine can be configured to run single, dual or triple tape heads.

L-Clip 300

The L-Clip 300 is designed to run a 3 inch tape width.

The machine can be configured to run single, dual or triple tape heads.

EdgeTec L-Clip Video Demos

EdgeTec L-Clip Taping Configurations

EdgeTec L-Clip Series Features

Machines can run virtually all pressure sensitive packaging tape styles, widths, and rolls.
A single L-Clip machine can apply up to 30 clips per minute.
Electric pneumatic operation allows the L-Clip’s sensors to be aware of the machine’s position, eliminating tape jams.
Engineered with durable materials for continuous industrial use.
Customizable tabletop size.
Easy to learn and quick to operate.

No set-up required. Plug and tape!

EdgeTec L-Clip Series Specifications

L-Clip: Machine Specifications

Machine TypeL-Clip tape application
Machine MakeupFramework: Extruded aluminum
Tabletop: .5" thick SANALITE® HDPE
High-grade industrial components
Working HeightTabletop height is adjustable from 30" - 36"
Tabletop SizesStandard Single Head Unit: 21.5" wide x 27" deep
Standard Dual Head Unit: 32.5” wide x 27” deep
Tabletops can be customized for working or packaging space.
Narrow Single Head Unit: 18.25” wide x 27” deep
Tape Head PositioningMulti-head units have a standard spacing of 10.5” between tape.
Positioning can be customized down to 8.75” or increased with no upper limit.
Tape Leg LengthStandard machine applies 2.5" on the vertical box wall and 2.5" on the horizontal box wall consistently, within 0.063".

Vertical tape length can be reduced for smaller boxes, see optional L-Clip features.
Tape StylesFilament, BOPP, Flat Back, PVC
Tape SizesL-Clip 100: Tape widths smaller than 2"

L-Clip 200: 2" Tape

L-Clip 300: 3" Tape

Accepts 1000 yard (914 meter) machine length rolls.
Air Requirements90 PSI clean compressed air
Electrical Requirements110 VAC, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase Power
220VAC 50/60Hz, 1 Phase Power

L-Clip: Box Specifications

Minimum Box WidthL-Clip 100: ≥ 3.25”
L-Clip 200: ≥ 3.25”
L-Clip 300: ≥ 4.25”
Minimum Box HeightStandard Machines: ≥ 2.5”
Machine can be customized to work with 0.5” tall boxes.
Maximum Box SizeNo maximum limit.

L-Clip: Additional Features

Tape GuidesA side guide ensures tape is applied to the same location.
A spring-loaded arm assists in box folding and holds down the top flap while taping.
Low Profile TapingThe vertical tape leg is reduced to apply smaller lengths of tape for boxes less than 2.5” tall.
GuardingClear Lexan sides and interlocked door are added below tabletop to limit access to machine’s moving components.
Ball TableAllows for easy movement of heavy boxes.
Washdown MachineA machine with a stainless-steel frame designed for full washdown. Ideal for food processing plants.
Inline Air FilterFor situations where clean compressed air is not always available.
Lag LegsSwaps out castor wheels with lag point legs made from 11 gauge sheet metal.
Tabletop height adjustment stays the same.

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