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The L-Clip Series

L-Clip 100, L-Clip 200, L-Clip 300

The EdgeTec L-clip series are semi-automated case sealers designed to seal non-RSC style boxes such as five-panel folds, full overlap, telescoping, tuck fold, and custom boxes.

The L-clip is a bump-style operation. An operator pressing a box against the switch plate actuates the tape head mechanism automatically applying an “L” clip of tape to the edge of the box.

EdgeTec L-clip machines can run a variety of tape styles, widths, and rolls. Intuitive to use and fast to operate, EdgeTec L-clips allows operators to quickly make consistent, secure corner closures with little to no tape waste.

L-Clip Series Features

Machines can run virtually all pressure sensitive packaging tape styles, widths, and rolls.
A single L-clip can apply up to 30 clips per minute.
Electric pneumatic operation allows the L-Clip’s sensors to be aware of the machine’s position, eliminating tape jams.
Engineered with durable materials for continuous industrial use.
A small minimum distance of 10.5” between tape clips.
Oil-less operation reduces maintenance.
Easy to learn and quick to operate.

No set-up required. Plug and tape!

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L-Clip Specifications

L-Clip: Machine Specifications

Sealer TypeL-Clip tape application
Machinery MakeupExtruded Aluminum Framework and high grade industrial components
Machine HeightTable on stand 31" - 36" (Cover adds 4")
Work Station Size21" wide x 27" long
Tape StylesFilament, BOPP, Flat Back, PVC
Tape SizesL-Clip 100 Tape widths smaller than 2"

L-Clip 200 2" Tape

L-Clip 300 3" Tape

Accepts 1000 yard (914 meter) machine length rolls
Air Requirements90 PSI clean compressed air
Electrical Requirements110 VAC, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase Power
220VAC 50/60Hz, 1 Phase Power

L-Clip: Box Specifications

Minimum Box Size1" x 3.25" x 1" (LxWxH)
Maximum Box SizeNo maximum limit

L-Clip: Optional Features

Ball TableAllows for easy movement of heavy boxes
Stainless FrameFor wet environments to prevent rust
In-Line Air FilterFor situations where clean air is not always available
Door Interlock and GuardingTo prevent inadvertent changes to machine operation