Automation Machines

EdgeTec Automation Machines

EdgeTec is proud to bring automation to businesses of all sizes. Our standard automation machines reduce time and improve quality for production workflows. Every standard EdgeTec machine is evaluated and adjusted by our team to optimize performance for the customer’s production workflow.

Need something a little more custom? We do that too!
Take a look at our specialized and fully custom machines.

The L-Clip Series

A semi-automated case sealer designed to seal non-RSC style boxes.

The Roll-Up

A variable speed material rolling machine with shafts individually designed for each clients’ materials.

The Inline L-Clip

A fully-automated case sealer for end-of-line use, sealing up to 70 boxes a minute.

The Tabber

Quickly and neatly apply self-adhesive tabs to a wide variety of paper products and boxes.

The Low Profile Taper

Copy about low profile tapers goes here. They are super nifty.

Protective Film Feeder

An industrial-grade film feeder for protective films and foil tapes, up to 14” in width.