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EdgeTec Roll-Up Pro

EdgeTec Roll-Up Machines

EdgeTec Roll-Up Lite
EdgeTec Roll-Up Pro

The EdgeTec Roll-Up is a variable speed material rolling machine with shafts individually designed for each clients’ materials. The EdgeTec Roll-Up is available in two models, a smaller tabletop model, the Roll-Up Lite, and a larger freestanding unit, the Roll-Up Pro.

The shaft of every EdgeTec Roll-Up is fabricated in collaboration with the client and tested with client-provided sample materials to ensure perfect operation and smooth, uncreased materials. The operation of the Roll-Up is quick to learn and features a simple foot pedal operation, preprogrammed shaft positions and an easy-change shaft swapping system.

EdgeTec Roll-Up Features

Three shaft styles: slit, friction or vacuum. We’ll work with you to determine the best shaft style for your materials.
Easy-change shafts allow for multiple shaft styles, diameters and lengths, all on one machine.
Preprogrammed commands include a shaft home position for quick material loading and a minor reverse at the end of rolling, releasing tension for an easy release.
The industrial grade motor can roll multiple printed materials at once.
A slip clutch on the Roll-Up Pro ensures operator safety and motor longevity when handling heavy, high-friction materials.
Every machine is optimized for performance based on materials provided by the client before it leaves the EdgeTec facility.

EdgeTec Roll-Up Lite

A small-but-mighty tabletop roller, the Roll-Up Lite is the perfect machine for businesses that need continuous rolling capabilities for light to medium weight, non-bulky materials.

EdgeTec Roll-Up Pro

A free standing unit on lockable casters, the Roll-Up Pro is the perfect machine for medium to heavy weight materials.

Roll-Up Machine Specifications

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